MURDER - Hornets. Moths. Elephants?


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They're gonna Murder us!! Murder Hornets! Ohh no, the Gypsy Moths have arrived!! We forgot all about the Mosquitos, but wait, here come the Elephants. America's Podcaster, Kurt Caceres and cohost Travis Aaron Wade, try to break down the constant media frenzy of distractions and deflections. People are already in fight or flight mode from the pandemic, why not throw a few scary insects into the mix. The Ahmaud Arbery murder was beyond gruesome and tragic, but why did weeks go before an arrest? If the video of the murder never went viral, would his murderers have gotten away scott free? Why was the lab tech killed at the Univ. of Pittsburgh and his murderer found an hour later dead in his own car? These are all things we must talk about and which will make you think, what's really going on?



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