Ep 57 | Wives & Mothers Build Families; Men Build Nations — Neither Can Exist Without The Other.


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Hey single men! Have you ever wanted to propose marriage to your future wife but been lost for words? Your rabbi to the rescue. In this show, a sample proposal speech you can use to start the rest of your life. No need to struggle for the right words. No need to be embarrassed as you stutter your way through some trite, overused formula. No, sound like the man you wish you were! She’ll be thrilled and wedding bells will ring. Why does Bible often say, “Young man and virgin” rather than “Young man and young woman”? The magical moment that can put you on the road to financial prosperity? How a pledge produces power. Do housewives and stay-at-home-moms hurt the country’s economy? Why did the Soviets construct so many huge & hideous buildings? Why are so many American government buildings built since 1962 so brutal and block-like? Why is all government housing so identical and soul-destroying? How to feel like a god not a rat Become a happy warrior, not a tennis ball floating down the gutter of life.

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