Ep 58 | Make Much More Money by Dispelling Moral Guilt & Other Spiritual Obstructions


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You may not know it, but your rabbi knows that you probably help humanity every day. Do you realize that you probably enhance the lives of your fellow citizens every day? Are you a saint? No, of course not. It’s just that money is one of the only two areas in which while you try to help yourself, you are actually also helping others. Is money physical or spiritual? The explanation will surprise you. The fatal flaw of socialism that makes ‘redistribution of wealth’ perfectly logical and even desirable. Why your rabbi thinks of universities as kindergartens. Why everyone needs a pet gorilla to help you increase your income. Why neither economics nor psychology are real sciences. How price “re-anchoring” makes people pay $3 for a $0.45 cup of coffee? Do you drink $50/bottle wine? The spiritual success strategies you need to know for achieving financial abundance. Let your rabbi teach you more about sales because even if you don’t know it, you are a sales professional.

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