How To Sift Through The BS, Think Critically about Covid, and ... Politics with Nick Komodina (Ep. 16)


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Our second official guest on Rabbits Holes is our good mutual friend and fitness coach Nick Komodina. Nick is not only well versed in his area of expertise but also politics, conspiracy theories, and other #fuckeryafoot. He's here today to talk about all things COVID, what decisions he would make if he were president, and wtf is up with Bill Gates.

Time Stamps:

(1:00) COVID and Politics

(5:00) Coincidence or #FuckeryaFoot?

(11:04) CDC Issues

(15:42) Breathing Issues and Masks

(19:15) What This Stage Leads To

(24:10) Democrats and COVID Ammo

(32:29) If Nick Were President…

(38:27) The China Virus Verbiage

(43:55) Bill Gates

(48:05) Censorship

(59:30) Where to Find Nick


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