QAnnon, Casual Name Dropping, and the Journey of Healing through Psychedelics with John Romaniello (Ep. 17)


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We are extremely excited to share our 3rd guest and on location in Austin (apologies for the slight audio difference) with our good friend John Romaniello. It would be easier to list what John hasn't achieved in his 38 years on this planet. Sufficit to say, he's a well-known influencer in the fitness, copywriting, and just being an authentic human being space. We discuss John's childhood, psychedelic explorations, and recommended dosages for beginners. Finally, no Rabbit Holes episode would be complete without talking about conspiracy theories! All this is just a press play away.

Time Stamps:

(1:15) John’s Origin with Drugs

(6:55) Ryan Holiday’s Wedding

(12:00) Micro Dosing and Self Control

(15:38) Depression and Suicidal Epiphanies

(17:40) Dosages

(27:10) Conspiracy Theories

(39:00) Pedophilia

(51:36) Jews Persecution

(56:10) Rapid Fire Questions


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