Anyone Who Is Dear To Lord’s Devotees, Attains His Supreme Fortune


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Thousands and thousands and thousands of pots of Ganga water that were brought in to bath Lord Caitanya. One simple poor maid servant of Srivaas who’s name was Dhuki, was lining up carrying, carrying the water pots of Ganga and making them in nice neat lines so the devotees could easily have access to them. Dhuki means one who is miserable. She was in the background, she wasn’t one of the devotees, she wasn’t one of the Lord’s associates. She was just the maid servant of the servant of the servant. Just in the background. Just doing some menial service to help the devotees in pleasing the Lord. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu takes note of anyone’s sincere efforts to serve his servants. The Supreme master of all the devatas was glancing upon this little lady named Dukhi. Seeing her sincere efforts. He was so pleased. He asked Srivaas, what is her name? Her name is Dukhi. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, the name Dukhi does not sit properly in my heart. From this day on her name will be Sukhi. And in giving her the name Sukhi he gave her the ultimate treasure of Krsna preama, the ecstasy of the Spiritual worlds. In this incident Lord Caitanya wanted to show that anyone who is dear to his devotees attains his supreme fortune. Who is Dukhi? Uneducated, simple, unknown but she was sincere to serve the Lord’s devotees. The Lord gave her the ultimate wealth of Krsna Consciousness.

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