Background Of HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami Maharaja's Race


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Whipping, in order to prove who the owner was, they would brand them sometimes on the face with hot iron. They weren’t allowed to have their name. They were given the names of their masters. They have no legal rights whatsoever. They were treated worst than animals. This went on for over two hundred years. And then in 1861 America had a civil war, it began in 1861 and ended in 1865. One of the prime reasons for this war is the north wanted to abolish slavery and the south wanted to keep slavery. Three million men fought in this war, six hundred thousand Americans were killed more than World War I, more than World War II and more than any other war Americans were killing each other. And ultimately with the victory of the North, in 1865 the thirteenth amendment of the constitution was created which abolished slavery. Previously in 1667, slaver became a legal institution throughout America. After two hundred years they finally came to the point of freeing the slaves. But in many cases, this was only an external superficial legalistic reality. Because the people, the African American people were so downtrodden and they would looked upon as such inferior beings by the white people that practically all of them were forced to live in the poverty of Gatos. Little food, little sanitation, they were not given the rights to have proper education, therefore, practically the only jobs they could get if any was just hard labour. Especially, in the southern states, blacks were not allowed to use the same rest rooms as whites, they were not allowed to use the same drinking fountain, they have to go to back of the buses and they were never allowed in the same schools. Inferior education, keep them down. And if they try to get some rights, they would usually be beaten, tortured or killed and factually this was the way America was until the 1960’s.

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