Can You Please Explain Yukta Vairagya?


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Rupa Goswami explains what is Yukta Vairagya? That which can be utilized in Krsna’s service should not be rejected but it should be utilized in Krsna’s service. “To reject something that can be used in devotional service is incomplete renunciation but to dovetail all the gifts of God for the pleasure of god that is real renunciation. But we have to be very honest and sincere because we have a cheating propensity in the conditioned state and our cheating propensity we want to take something for our own personal sense gratification and say that this is for Krsna, this is yukta-vairagya. But you can’t cheat Krsna. What you have, whether it is your wealth, whether it is your distinction in society, whether it your physical strength, your power to speak or to sing whatever you have we must learn by being trained by a Bonafede spiritual master in the association of devotees how to genuinely, sincerely utilize all these things in Krsna’s service. It can’t be something that is done by our own concoction. We have to have the training of an advanced devotee to teach us the real principle of Yukta Vairagya. And whatever we have, real Yukta Vairagya is not to try to keep it for ourselves and say this is for Krsna. But it’s to approach Guru that this is what I have, how can I best use it? And to utilize it accordingly that is the safest and purest path of Yukta Vairagya.

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