Forgetting Krishna Is The Only Fear For A Devotee


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When one surrenders to Krishna, one becomes like the fish in the sea. The fish within the sea is utterly dependent at every moment on the water of the sea for their survival. In the same way, when we dive deeply into the infinite sea of Krishna’s love and we surrender to that love, we cannot live even a moment without it. It is a fate that appears worse than death to forget Krishna, even a moment. This is the teachings of Srila Rupa Goswami. To always remember Krishna, and to never forget Krishna. A devotee of the Lord, this is his only fear in all of creation. A devotee who is raised to the standard of proper faith does not fear physical pain, does not feel fear, infliction or prosecution to one’s body or to one’s prestigious position. He does not feel poverty, does not fear being rebuked even by ones most intimate loved ones.

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