HG Ghana Shyam Prabhu Receiving Srila Prabhupada’s Most Intimate Love and Mercy


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The first day he embraced him, he cried tears of affection, he stroked his head and said your life is successful. You are carrying on Parampara. And the next day it’s not that Ghyanashyam prabhu did anything wrong that day, He just came in the next day and Prabhupada just ignored him and instructed him- Krsna is the doer, don’t expect any credit for yourself. Bhakti Tirtha Maharaj told me, “all over the world they know the first part of the story.” He said “but for me, my favourite part of the whole story is the second part. Because that’s when Prabhupada showed the most intimate special love toward me.” He showed his deep love and his deep gratitude but at the same time wanted to protect him for all time to come. And Ghyanashyam prabhu said “those were the last words Prabhupada’s personally spoke to him. Krsna is the doer.” And after going out of the room and offering his obeisances and thinking about it, he was ecstatic. Because he knew what was Prabhupada’s most intimate love and mercy.

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