HG Yamuna Devi’s First Meeting With Srila Prabhupada


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And how she describes her first meeting with Srila Prabhupada, he was distributing prasad to some brahmacari’s or whatever they were in those days. And she describes how he was near a window and his body was being bathed and glowing with the light of the Sun, just beautiful! And he was serving the Krishna prasad and she was on a very very macrobiotic special diet and nothing in the menu was complimentary to her diet. And she did not want to eat it. But just to please Prabhupada because he was insisting, she did. But then, he offered her a gulab jamun! For a macrobiotic, eating a gulab jamun is kind of like eating meat! It’s just completely against the principles and she said no, no, no! And he said yes, yes, yes! and she said no no no, yes, yes, yes! She surrendered and ate the gulab jamun! And then Srila Prabhupada asked her, since it‘s the duty of the bride’s side to prepare for the marriage, and you are the only person on the bride’s side, and then Prabhupada gave her initiation so, he was her spiritual father, he said so the two of us will cook the whole feast. And he taught Yamuna Devi how to make kachoris. And Srila Prabhupada made about, he made about fifteen preparations with his own hands for 40 people. And she cooked with Prabhupada. She was in one room, and he was in another room. He was going back and forth. He was 71, she was about 25, they cooked together from 11 in the morning till 5 at night. And every time Prabhupada saw Yamuna Devi touch anything, he would say “wash your hands.” Yamuna Devi is so humble, she just told it as it was. She asked Prabhupada “Can I take a break to smoke a Cigarette?”, and then Prabhupada explained the four regulative principles. And Yamuna Devi, she asked “Can I take some water” and Prabhupada gave her water with his own hands. But then he said “You know, we are not supposed to be thinking about eating or drinking ourselves, we are supposed to be only thinking about Krishna’s eating”. So, he was giving her so much philosophy. He was telling her everything practically in the process of just cooking. And she was quite mesmerized by this compassion and this devotion. And she went back to Oregon, and her younger sister Janaki Devi and Mukunda Prabhu at that time, Prabhupada wanted them to start a temple in San Francisco.

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