How To Develop True Humility Within Our Heart?


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To think one self lower than the blade of grass. Sometimes Prabhupada would say to think one self lower than the straw on the street. That means the blade of grass that is not even connected to the ground, it just been thrown on the street. Doesn’t even have any life left. A blade of grass on the ground is still growing. But when that blade of grasses cast in the street. It doesn’t even have any position to grow. It’s not even green anymore. It’s just being trampled on. To aspire to be more humble than the straw on the street, to offer all respect to others to expect none in return, to be tolerant like tree, this is the aspiration by which we chant the Holy Name. Nor that I will make a show when I am chanting your name Krsna because I expect some favour from you. And after I get the favour there is no longer any reason to put the show of humility on. We develop humility the most important of all spiritual qualities through performing the austerity of taking the position of being a humble servant of the servant of the servant in our life. When we take that position, Krsna sees that we really want to be humble. If we want to take position of master or controller, then Krsna will see we really don’t want to be humble. Ultimately humility can only come when Krsna gives it to us. it’s not something you can develop. But by aspiring, by performing this austerity of truly trying to be the humble servant of the servant and praying deeply that this desire becomes our very eternal goal of life and by following the regulative principles of Krishna Consciousness with this desire and mind, then Krsna will most certainly reward you a heart of true humility. Where in, we are willing to accept anything that Krsna gives us with the kind and grateful heart and continue performing our humble service that is the price of true humility.

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