Lord Chaitanya Revealing The Past To Srivas Thakura And Ganga Das Pandita


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Do you remember Ganga das? long before, I even took birth in this world, the mleach king, he and his soldiers were plundering people’s property and exploiting the women. In order to protect your wife and children, you had to escape from your home. The soldiers were coming closer and closer, you ran in the middle of the night to the Ganges, the soldiers were approaching, you understood that if you do not escape, they will violate the chastity of good wife. This was worse than death for you. You were looking for a boat man but because it was late at night, there was no boats to be found. In great anxiety you decided to give up your life, rather than be polluted. I was watching you. At that moment, do you know what I did Ganga das? I personally descended from Vaikuntha loka and took the form of a boat man. And you saw me rowing my boat and you cried boatman, boatman, boatman, please come! Save me! Save my family. I’ll give you everything I have. At that time, I took you across the river for safety. Do you remember this Ganga das? In the gratitude of love, Ganga das fell at the feet of Lord Chaitanya weeping in love

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