Developing Mood of Servant of the Servant SB 1.19.15 By HH Radhanath Swami On 6th June 2020


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Parikshit Maharaj said he faced every difficulties with gratitude. We may not be grateful by things happeneing which are beyond our ability and we may not grateful and its difficult. In this situation, krsna is waiting for me. Ishvara sarva bhutanam - krsna is my heart that I am grateful for those who makes us understands this whatever conditions we are in. Greatness of our life is the intent of our intent to serve with love and integrity is to how we express our actions, whether he is squirrel or hanuman, jatavu or vibhishan. Whatever it may be - kuntidevi saw krsna in the times of calamity. We don’t like to suffer others. Despite all this, krsna is in my heart and I am grateful for krsna and for devotees who helping me to remember krsna and chant his name and read Srimadd Bhagavatam. The whole material existence everyone in the lockdown and we are separated from the lord in our heart but the door to liberation and real happiness is wherever we have grateful heart we take shelter unto krsna. Many great person of past and present that attend love for me and that’s love is true treasure of true love and let us follow unto the great soul and be grateful that every situation krsna is there. We have an opportunity to pray for others to help them to be with krsna. In giving we receive.

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