The Balanced Way of Facing Worldly Calamities


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the balance that the Gétä teaches is para-dukha-dukhi. That an enlightened being, another person’s sufferings become my suffering and another person’s happiness is my happiness. And we feel for the suffering of people. If we are on the bodily concept and we think that only my immediate family is my relatives then we really feel for our relatives. But, if on the spiritual concept, we realize ahaà béja-pradaù pita that Kåñëa is the seed giving father and mother of all living beings and therefore we are all related. Then we have compassion and we feel the pains of every living being. Every aspect of human life; whatever caste, religion, race, sex; we feel for all species. the cows, the goats, everyone, the birds because we can feel their happiness and their distress. This is enlightenment. So, when there is a great tragedy like what has happened in Japan and similar things happening all over the world, maybe caused by a tsunami, maybe caused by earthquakes, maybe caused by draught or maybe caused by cruel humans with great political powers, maybe caused by diseases like AIDS epidemics, hepatitis epidemics or cancer, whatever it may be, a devotee feels but a devotee understands that every living being is an eternal soul. And even if none of these things happen, if things go right, time is going to kill everyone. So, therefore we should feel that a similar compassion even for happy people living in Malabar Hill, Baltemar Road, Chowpatty beach- very successful, very nice but every moment being destroyed by time and they are going to die and their children and their parents and everyone are going to die.

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