The Lens That We Should See Through to Interpret for Our Well Being & Spiritual Evaluation in Crisis


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where there is suffering due to fear, due to pain, heart break, death a human spiritual nature is that we feel compassion and in what ever way possible, we want to help and we are in a situation where there is so much fear and confusion, there is so much heart break and death and just to see it through the lens of compassion actually helps us to raise above fear and confusion. Throughout history pandemics and epidemics have come and gone. And with all our advancement in technology and science, we are not in exception. It’s the way nature works. And the way I see is, while we are trying to help by protecting our own bodies and our own families and loved ones, knowing that this body is a gift. Its gods gifts and its sacred. Because the body has inherently a sacred purpose. So to protect the body, to protect the bodies of the loved ones is a sacred duty especially if we understand its sacred purpose. And its purpose in its highest and most inclusive state is to be an instrument of god’s compassion in our life, in this world. Somehow or other there are so many distractions in the world whether there idealogical, technological, political or just our own body and mind, we forget what we really want in our life. and in the computer age, we have our reset button. We press this button to a kind of erase so many of the things that are there on the screen and bring us back to our original natural position. And I see this as we are trying to help in what ever way we can, protect ourselves and others. Nature is pressing a reset button so that we can take inventory of our values, our desires, our purpose and what really is meaningful in our lives. And how to focus our attention on addressing the real issues that have true relevance to our life, our families, our loved ones, our society, our own true self within and God. These are the most important relationships we have and the heart yearns to have these relationships. So with all the distractions and diversions that we are vulnerable to we have an opportunity individually and collectively to take some time to take a step back and what direction do I really want to take in my life? what is the character and the values spiritually, socially and individually that I want to make sacred in my life? and this is an extraordinary crisis, its unprecedented but it also gives us unprecedented opportunities.

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