The Symptoms Of Kali Yuga And The Solution Given In Scriptures


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if you read what’s going to happen in kali yuga, this is fact, this is not just some symbolic thing. The main subjects that Vyasadev is emphasising on how there will be plagues, there will be pestiments there will be phonon, there will be so many diseases, people in there minds will have so much fear and so much anxiety and the leaders of countries will be arrogant and exploitative. You know somebody like Hitler, he came much after, but the Bhagavatam is talking about that psychology of people who are so arrogant and if such a controlling spirit and are willing to be so cruel to people and they get leadership positions, then how difficult and how painful the kali yuga is? Now we have corona virus. Its exactly the kind of situation that Srimad Bhagavatam five thousand years ago told it’s going happen. And its only going to happen more and more and more as kali yuga progresses. In the middle ages in Europe, there was the black plague, it was called black death. An it was like a virus. It literally killed in many countries half the population. It just went on and on. In human history these types of plagues, these types of pestiments, these types of diseases that go mass into epidemics and pandemics, there have been always been here in the world. It’s the nature of the world

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