There Is No Way Out Of It, We Just Have to Surrender to Krishna


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In the times like now where the whole world is, its unbelievable how confused the world is because everything is becoming more and more uncertain, and this may go on for some time or it may end sooner, nobody knows. But our duty in this world is to take every possible precaution to protect out health and our lives and those of other devotees and family members and all living beings in general. We do everything we can to do that, we must take precautions. Because we hear to represent the light that Prabhupad has given us on behalf of our whole parampara and Sri Krishna. So, we need to be here to do that as much as, as long as Krishna wants us to be here. So, we have a very great purpose to take care of our health and to take care of each other, to help humanity. But at the same time, you know that the medicine for the age of Kali, what is in the kalisantarana Upanishad, the Hare Krishna mantra is given and it’s the most effective medicine to counteract the effects of the kali yuga. And that hare Krishna mantra is meditation on Sri Radha Rani and Sri Gopinath of Vrindavan. Hare Kåñëa Hare Kåñëa, Kåñëa Kåñëa Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare. So devotees feel great concern and compassion for loved ones and general society when difficulties come but at the same time, we understand that these things are inevitable, Vyasadev predicted it, there is no way out of it, except to surrender to Krishna and that is the single purpose in which Sukadev Goswami spoke Srimad Bhagavatam to give us the opportunity to surrender to Krishna and to surrender to Krishna in such an honest and humble way like the great acharyas we read about in the Bhagavatam and the acharyas who have come in our paramparas that Vrindavan is revealed to us and to distribute this message of Srimad Bhagavatam as para upakar, that’s the greatest welfare action to spread this Hare Krsihna maha mantra.

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