What Is True Religion And Its Purpose?


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Krishna is an all loving compassionate God. He tells us where our real home is. Even though the people of this world have rejected Him, have defied him, have offended Him, He still keeps coming. “You are misusing your free will. Vaikunta, the doors are open. Come in.”. He sends His devotees. He sends His scriptures; He gives everybody, every good opportunity. But we reject. The problems in the world that people are not willing to live in harmony with the will of God. If we are all willing to live in harmony to the will of Krishna, then this world would become like Vaikunta. Krishna gave this benediction to Sudama, the garland maker in Mathura that because you are surrendered to me, you will enjoy everything you ever wanted in this world, and then you will go back home back to Godhead. That’s what the world could be, if we are Krishna Conscious. We are not to blame God, God is so merciful. He has come as Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda to give Vrindavan rasa of love of God to everyone. Just chant the holy name and live by these simple principles of devotional service.

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