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This week’s revolutionary is Anja Tyson: a single mom and Brooklynite who works in fashion sustainability. Anja works as a Fashion Sales Manager at TIPA Compostable Packaging, which is a company that’s innovating new ways to reduce the amount of single-use plastics that are used to wrap around clothing before being thrown in the trash.

As our conversation unfolds, Anja tells me all about her childhood and her unique experiences about growing up biracial. Now, as a single mother with a biracial child, she’s seeing her own childhood experiences through a different lens. Anja shares some insights on how she’s raising her child to be socially and racially conscious.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Tell me about what kind of work you do. (1:04)
  • Tell me about your childhood. (10:09)
  • Have you thought about having another kid? (25:41)
  • What are your feelings on dating? (40:50)
  • What can people do to start making a difference and contributing to a meaningful cause? (1:12:04)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Anja got her job at Prada USA. (3:18)
  • How Anja dealt with being bullied as a kid. (11:13)
  • About Anja’s experience being a single mother. (26:13)
  • Why Anja doesn’t feel any urgency around dating and finding a partner. (40:55)
  • About Anja’s work in fashion sustainability. (46:17)
  • How Anja and her 5-year-old daughter deal with the grief of losing a loved one differently. (57:06)

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