Can the 2020 Raiders surge into the postseason as the 2016 team did?


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On the latest Raiders Talk Podcast, co-hosts Scott Bair and Josh Schrock take a look back at the 2016 Raiders team that last made the playoffs and compare that squad to the talent on this season’s roster, and whether this group can have a similar surge into the postseason.

(4:05) Reasons for optimism after 2019 season

(5:55) What made the 2016 Raiders squad so good?

(7:40) One key stat explains why Derek Carr was so good in 2016

(9:47) Why Carr is viewed differently despite better numbers

(16:38) Khalil Mack’s influence on Raiders and their 2016 squad

(19:40) Why 2016 was only a flash in the pan

(20:32) Comparing the 2016 offense to the 2020 roster, position by position

(27:55) Comparing the 2016 defense to the 2020 roster, position by position

(38:27) Could 2020 team surge into the playoffs, like the 2016 team did?

(39:46) Does current squad have a better chance to sustain success?

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