Did Raiders improve defense through NFL draft, free agency?


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The Raiders had to upgrade their defense this offseason, and they did that both in the NFL Draft and free agency. On the latest Raiders Talk Podcast, Scott Bair and Josh Schrock discuss the key additions and debate who will have the biggest impact. Plus, they break down some areas of concern on defense and if they are better equipped to handle the Chiefs next season.

(1:59) How much did the draft help the Raiders defense?

(3:35) Who has bigger impact in year 1: Damon Arnette or Amik Robertson?

(7:28) Where does Tanner Muse fit on defense?

(9:09) Biggest offseason addition for defense

(11:20) Most underrated defense addition for 2020

(14:40) Areas of concern on Raiders defense

(17:31) Are Raiders better equipped to handle Chiefs?

(20:20) Where can the defense get better?

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