Ranking AFC West after the 2020 NFL Draft


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With the 2020 NFL Draft in the rear-view mirror, questions arise as to how the AFC West now takes shape. On the latest Raiders Talk Podcast, Scott Bair and Josh Schrock discuss the entire AFC West's draft classes and detail the team that made the most progress through the draft. Then, the duo reveal their updated AFC West power rankings before predicting whether the division could be represented by two teams in nest year's playoffs.

(2:50) AFC West draft class rankings

(7:24) Who was the best pick for the division?

(10:10) Draft pick that fits best with team

(11:55) AFC West team that made the most progress

(16:04) Did any team get close to Chiefs?

(18:10) Updated AFC West power rankings

(24:43) Could AFC West have more than one team in the playoffs?

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