How to Homeschool with a Baby + GIVEAWAY


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Homeschooling with a baby brings with it many challenges. I often hear from women who are struggling to homeschool their children, whilst also caring for a small baby. They are overridden with guilt and with feelings of failure. They want to be a good mum, to all their children, but they just don't know what the right thing to do is. If you have a baby or a small child at home, you'll want to watch this video! This blogpost includes affiliate links. Please see Disclaimer for more information. This is a recording of a LIVE broadcast from Facebook where I spoke about homeschooling with a baby. We talked about: What are the most important things to focus on during this timeAlternatives to what learning can look like for your children Encouraging independence and the value of experienceLoads of useful resources for busy mums WATCH THIS VIDEO: Homeschool Products Mentioned: Amazon Prime Video Fire Stick Reading Eggs Math Seeds CTC Math Khan Academy Mystery Science Toxic Childhood by Sue Palmer Time Magazine Article about audiobooks Audible - Trial and FREE AUDIOBOOK UK |USA Seerah Audio Series - 15% OFF Discount Code: OMHomeschool15 Librovox Lit2GO Toucan Box - Isa box FREE with code: GEMMA-9E6X Kiwi Crate - 30% off your 1st order with code: SHARE30 Homeschool GIVEAWAY I'm giving away 4 activity boxes from Toucan Box to 1 winner! This giveaway is open worldwide. If you are under the age of 18, please seek parental permission before entering. If you would like to enter, all you need to do is share this video or blogpost on social media and tag me in the post. Easy as that! The winner will be chosen at random and announced on next week's LIVE broadcast. (Sunday 20th January 2019, 10am GMT) Next week, Sunday 20th January, I'll be LIVE again at 10am GMT on Facebook and Instagram, where we'll be talking about how to "Run your home like a boss!" If you missed last week's discussion on, "Sustainable Homeschooling | Securing your homeschool for the future," CLICK HERE All the previous episodes have been uploaded here on my blog. Just CLICK HERE and scroll through them all! If you never want to miss an episode, you'll want to subscribe to our mailing list. Then, whenever an episode is published, you'll get it straight to your inbox! @import url(,400italic,700,700italic); /* LOADER */ .ml-form-embedSubmitLoad { display: inline-block; width: 20px; height: 20px; } .ml-form-embedSubmitLoad:after { content: " "; display: block; width: 11px; height: 11px; margin: 1px; border-radius: 50%; border: 4px solid #fff; border-color: #ffffff #ffffff #ffffff transparent; animation: ml-form-embedSubmitLoad 1.2s linear infinite; } @keyframes ml-form-embedSubmitLoad { 0% { transform: rotate(0deg); } 100% { transform: rotate(360deg); } } { box-sizing: border-box; display: table; height: 99.99%; margin: 0 auto; position: static; width: 100% !important; } h4, p, span, button { text-transform: none !important; letter-spacing: normal !important; } .ml-form-embedWrapper { background-color: #f6f6f6; border-width: 0px; border-color: transparent; border-radius: 4px; border-style: solid; box-sizing: border-box; display: inline-block !important; margin: 0; padding: 0;

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