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Do you love the sound of turning your household from chaos to calm? We are joined by the Child Charmer and parenting educator Chrissie Davies where we discuss why our role as parents is one of the most important in the lives of our children. We also discuss the glaringly obvious gap in parenting education when it comes to raising toddlers in terms of our expectations of children and why reaching out for help and support in parenting needs to start before our child’s behaviour gets out of hand.
👉 Our Discussion

  • That a parent’s most important role is to be their child's educator - in all things - to help them understand the world and how to be good human being.
  • Accessing parenting education. That seeking positive education to support parents on their parenting journey should be the NORM - not just for families who are struggling with their kids behaviour
  • How to use emotional connection & positive communication to create a relationship with your child based on trust and guidance.
  • Getting back to basics with kids
  • COVID - why more parents have been forced to slow down
  • How the current school system not being able to meet the needs of so many children and why

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Child Behaviour Expert Chrissie Davies is known around town as The The Child Charmer. People far and wide are falling in love with Chrissie's positive approach, philosophies and understandings around raising kids and family life. With over 20 years experience working with children and families it safe to say that she knows a lot about he challenges that modern day families face. She is also a mama of two young kids and is totally living the day to day life of raising kids with her hubby in Melbourne. Chrissie passionately believes that all families should access education to learn more about how parents can support their kids along their developmental journey.

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