For the Sheer Joy - with Occupational Therapist Kaya Lyons


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In this episode we chat with Occupational Therapist Kaya Lyons of Active OT for Kids about how Child Development occurs naturally through play, connecting & exploring. We discuss trauma and the impact on development and interactions and how therapy can and should be integrated into daily life.


  • How occupational therapy helps children to live a joyful life, and how Kaya has created her business around collaboration and sharing of ideas so that she can deliver therapies for children based on their individual needs, with the main goal of creating joy and wonder in the learning and development of children
  • How long periods of stress to the system can cause trauma – this means that children can stay in survival mode which may prevent them from thriving
  • Trauma impacts children with limited attention, withdrawal, hyper-vigilance which are all coping strategies. This limits their ability to thrive
  • How we can support wellness so that we can bring a child’s system out of survival and into thriving
  • How nature provides enriched opportunities for sensory engagement, feeling emotions, engaging in cognition and connecting with nature
  • Ultimately joy is the window to connect everything
  • Keeping therapy simple for families so that we remove the pressure
  • How Kaya created an outdoor camp experience for children who suffer from trauma
  • How Kaya balances her professional life with homeschooling her three daughters.

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  • The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • The Developing Mind by Daniel Siegal
  • Body Dreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma by Marian Dunlea

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