E.25 How to Help Your Child Love Their Body with Jessica Sanders


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In this episode, we get some tips and tools from Social Worker and Author, Jessica Sanders about how we can help our children love their bodies, accept who they are and help process their emotions.

👉 Discussion Points

  1. Jessica’s journey to becoming a social worker, author and advocate
  2. The inspiration for penning her beautiful books, Love Your Body and your most recent release, Be Your Own Man
  3. Jess’s tips for how to help our girls love their bodies and boys to be their own man
  4. What being an advocate for children looks like for Jess, including her work with Worth a Second Chance
  5. The one thing Jess would change about the education system

👉 About Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders is an author, advocate and social worker from Melbourne. She is dedicated to empowering others with the tools they need to strengthen the relationship they hold with themselves and their bodies.
Jess has a lot to say about gender equality as a whole and is a passionate advocate for children. Jessica has a long history of working with young people through organisations such as SECASA, The Butterfly Foundation and Jesuit Social Services. In 2019, Jessica wrote her multi award winning children’s book, Love Your Body. To date, Love Your Body has been sold into 29 territories around the world. In November 2019 Jessica released Me Time: the self-care guide to being your own best friend, which is a practical book to support mental health and in September of this year she released her book for boys, Be Your Own Man.
Jess believes the current definition of masculinity is hurting boys and wanted a resource for parents and boys to be able to re-imagine the term for a new generation. , Be Your Own Man which encourages boys to embrace their vulnerability and put their hands up for help.

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