The Conscious Parenting Revolution with Katherine Winter-Sellery


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In this episode, we’re chatting with conscious parenting expert Katherine Winter- Sellery from Conscious Parenting Revolution, about non-violent communication, habitual parenting responses and how many of us haven’t learnt how to question what comes out of our mouths in response to our children’s behaviour. We also discuss childism, how labelling children can harm them, and why it’s important to break our negative views of children.

  • What is Conscious Parenting and Non Violent Communication?
  • Childism/Ageism and the problem with having prejudice against children
  • How labelling children can be a form of violence and cause sibling rivalry
  • Self-esteem should not come from relying on a parent or any other person's praise, it should be internal
  • Relying on praise can be disincentivising. E.g. So you're really proud of me now for getting good grades, so I guess that means you're not proud of me at all if I don't get good grades, so why should I bother trying at all?
  • Building self-esteem comes from acknowledgement, rather than praise. E.g. 'It looks like you feel pretty chuffed about that. I would feel proud too. I saw how hard you worked on that.'
  • We rely on 'habitual responses', the way that we were parented in tough times and they very often don't serve us, and especially don't serve our children.
  • Parenting courses can help give us the tools as parents to help navigate difficult parenting situations without relying on old, harmful parenting techniques.

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Katherine Winter-Sellery is the CEO and Founder of the Conscious Parenting Revolution and creator of the Guidance Approach to Parenting along with two colleagues, a program that applies conflict-resolution skills to communicating more effectively with children and adults. Through her workshops, books, and her three TEDx talks, she has taught thousands of parents, educators and social workers, to minimize misunderstandings and melt-downs, and communicate with more collaboration, cooperation and consideration.
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