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Today's episode is a little different. Join us as we take a trip to Tasmania, to Nature Be In It, run by the ever passionate, Kara Spence, where we will hear what the children of Howrah Primary School and their educators love about her Forest School programs.
👉 About Nature. Be In It
At Nature. Be in it. we believe nature connection is a deep human need. We take you into nature to meet your need for connection to yourself, each other and the planet. During our expertly guided experiences for your children, corporate team and family you will see the value and need for nature connection to rebuilding resilience, creativity and social and emotional intelligence.
👉 About Kara
Nature connection is in Kara's bloodline. As the daughter of an audacious nature crusader and mad-about-rocks geologist, she understands our dual demands on nature: sustain our souls and support our economy. The trick is achieving both, in harmony and balance.

Born and raised in a Canadian city of millions Kara thrives on all things urban. Cafés and culture - traffic and crowds... To keep her sanity however, she needs time out. To quiet the mind and restore the soul there is no quicker way than to spend time outside in nature.

Kara's career has been defined by one objective: be outside. She followed the warmer climate to Australia, where she could be outside more of the year. She now calls Hobart home.

The sum of her work as a Park Ranger, expert environmental educator and teacher, combined with 15 years training in mindfulness, has inspired Kara to create Nature. Be in it.
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