EP 2: Mopreme Shakur - Tupac's Brother shares stories and talks Thug Life


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Mopreme Shakur is the step-brother of legendary rapper, American icon and political revolutionary Tupac Shakur. He is also the first rapper to ever appear on an RnB record - the monumental "Feels Good - Remix" by Tony! Toni! Toné!

Recorded in Los Angeles, California back in 2009, Raj sits in Mopreme's home to talk about the Thug Life movement, the changing music industry (then at an all-time low due to piracy) and of course his relationship with 2Pac.

In the breakdown, Raj explains the chance occurrence meeting Mopreme's crew on Hollywood Boulevard which then led him to Mopreme's home, and how Raj's project, The Golden Chamber Mixtape (hosted by Wu-Tang Clan) earned him some credibility. Raj also shares what he loved about Mopreme referring to his brother as Makaveli the Don.

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