Ep 1: The Concept Behind "That's A Great Question"


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Raj Kotecha has spent over two decades creating content, building audiences and gathering communities around the subject of media, entertainment and entrepreneurship.

In the mid-2000's, a time when he was best known as an international DJ and party promoter, Raj acted quickly on the opportunity to create video content exclusively for YouTube. Focussing on his passions, Raj amassed a library of exclusive and unheard content created with artists, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Raj Kotecha's podcast, That's a Great Question shares both new and previously unheard content from Raj's world. In the second half of every episode Raj reviews and reflects on the content, the lessons he learned and how he applied them. He also shares how he hustled his way into making the content happen.

For more content from Raj Kotecha head to www.RajKotecha.com/podcasts, including his show "OPP - Other People's Podcasts", co-hosted by Grammy Award winner Fatman Scoop.

This podcast is co-produced by Arjun M Shah and the intro music comes from the song "Riddem" by Hype and Fever (special thanks to them and Live Entertainment London for permission to use the audio).

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