Episode 20: Josei Manga


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February is here, and Ray and I are talking about the josei demographic! We're answering your questions about manga for women, and the many amazing series we've gotten in English over the years. From Princess Jellyfish to Haru's Curse, come discover your favourite new series about women being women (and everything that entails!!)

Series mentioned in this episode: Princess Jellyfish, Tokyo Tarareba Girls, Blank Canvas: My So-Called Artist's Journey, Haru's Curse, My Broken Mariko, Ooku, My Darling Daughters, pink, Helter Skelter: Fashion Unforward, In Clothes Called Fat, Sakuran, Buffalo 5 Girls, Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen, Everybody's Getting Married, Between the Sheets, Descending Stories, Phantom Tales of the Night, Chihayafuru, Maiden Railways, Perfect World & Sweat and Soap

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