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In this English stories podcast, that will make you giggle, you will be able to learn new expressions and sayings while Amy and Curtis share their bike riding adventures of the time they were only kids.

Bike Ride Adventures | Learn Real English from Conversations | English Stories


This is the real English Conversations podcast, where you'll find the lessons and advice you need to be able to confidently use your English in the real world. Hi, everybody, it's Curtis Davies, I'm here with Amy Whitney, we're from real English conversations.com. We've got a great conversation today about some memories that we've had that everybody can relate to. It's bike riding and we've got some great stories for you. They're really interesting.

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Curtis: So, Amy, when did you start riding a bike? When you were a little girl, a teenager. Tell me about it.

Amy: I think that for me, I probably started riding my bike when I was really young. I don't remember exactly when I started riding my bike. So I was probably four or five years old because I think that's when our memories start to happen. But really, I've had a bike for as long as I can remember. I spent a lot of time up at my grandparent's house when my parents were working. I would be with grandma and grandpa and I remember that they used to have this bike down in the storage area downstairs.

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