Episode 24 - Bill Barry - Financing Commercial Real Estate


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Bill Barry (a/k/a “BB”) is a Senior Vice President and the current head of the Commercial Finance Group at Draper and Kramer. A 30 year finance veteran, BB has closed $25 billion in real estate during his storied career, and believes deals are like snowflakes—no two deals are the same. Bill sits down with Phillip to explain how commercial lending works and the different lenders available to borrowers. From there, Bill describes current types of attractive asset classes and the weak asset classes in the market. The interview has complex financial and legal terminology, explores various strategies for financing deals, and discusses trends in the marketplace while Bill personalizes the discussion with war stories on various deals.

What are the current prime asset classes? Listen and find out.

You can learn more about Draper and Kramer and Bill Barry here: http://www.draperandkramer.com/meet-our-team/

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