Episode 33 – Retail is Alive! Innovations in Retail Real Estate with Marget Graham and Jaime Bertsche of Mid-America Real Estate Group


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Joining Phil this episode are Marget Graham and Jaime Bertsche of Mid-America Real Estate Group, the leading full-service retail real estate organization in the Midwest. During this holiday time, we always think of retail. Over the last few years, retail real estate has been beaten down in the markets and in the press, as it went through a tumultuous time. Marget and Jaime, key aspects of Mid-America’s third party landlord brokerage division, share the ways that large retail properties are being used in exciting new ways. Malls and other shopping centers are increasingly converting to mixed-use developments incorporating entertainment, residential and medical components and utilizing common spaces to attract new tenants and customers. Some shopping centers even have swim schools where retail used to be!

Marget Graham is a Principal/Vice President responsible for co-managing new business development and leasing efforts in the Mid-America Asset Management portfolio. She has been with Mid-America Asset Management since 2000 and has specialized solely in Landlord representation. Jaime Bertsche, Vice President, has been with Mid-America Asset Management since 2004, also specializing solely in Landlord representation. Marget and Jaime have extensive experience in an array of product types including mixed-use developments, specialty leasing of lifestyle centers, ground-up projects, power centers, traditional grocery anchored centers and urban retail properties. Through their work in each respective area, they have formed strong relationships with local, regional and national retailers.

Marget Graham

Marget Graham

Jaime Bertsche

Jaime Bertsche


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