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Some of my favorite coaching clients that I’ve ever had talked to Gavin and me about how their business is going through the pandemic. Steve, a self-described technophobe, talks about the learning curve for using REI Simple, and how he and Coco work together as a team.
Guys, this business isn’t rocket science. You just get on the phone and talk to people. Steve’s version for breaking the ice is a little unusual. He calls someone up and when they ask about his offer he says, “I’ve got a free coupon for a Subway sandwich, twelve inches. Whatever you want. Are you interested?” Then when they laugh, he can slide right in and have a great conversation with them.
Coco and Steve make a great team because they each focus on the area they’re good at. Steve talks to people and Coco makes sure everything is running smoothly on the back end. They work with a VA from the Philippines who keeps them on task. One of their favorite parts about our coaching programs is that we train their VA for them, so he’s really able to support them with what they do best: make deals and follow up.
Not even remotely interested in computer tasks, Steve is proof that with a little coaching and support, anyone at any age can learn some new skills. The possibilities of expansion into new markets and virtual deals keep him excited about their real estate business. Steve’s enthusiasm for the work is contagious and fun, and we love working with them.
If you’d be interested in some support during your real estate journey, contact Gavin and myself today to see if we’d be a good fit.
What’s Inside:
—99% of Steve and Coco’s deals come from follow up.
—Steve likes to talk, but having easy phone conversations took some coaching from us.
—How Coco uses REI Simple to keep the team on task.
—Coco and Steve send their VA from the Philippines to our trainings.

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