The Investors Who are Winning Right Now (and Their Secrets to Success)


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For many people, the covid-19 crisis has been a huge financial obstacle and a total departure from what we consider normal. But at the same time, there are investors who are crushing it right now. There are people who see opportunity at a time where everyone else is fearful.

What makes them different to everyone else?

They don’t follow the herd. They have defined what opportunity looks like, and they engage with the market on their own terms. Successful people read the signs in the economy and adjust their strategies accordingly.

We can learn from successful investors and win like them by mimicking what they do.

What rules have they set and how do they engage with the economy so they never lose money?

In this episode, I share the investing strategies of investors who are winning right now.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The market is not going up, its performance is being fueled by speculation. Things are actually not getting better because the underlying problem has not gone away. Don’t invest on the speculation that market conditions are improving.

The people who are winning right now saw this market fallout coming. They know that the market has predictable, rhythmic patterns. They saw the patterns and signs and prepared.

The people who are losing are the ones who are buying and holding without a clear exit strategy. Create a set of rules for when you will get out of the market so you don’t lose money.

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