"Willpower Is A F*cking Lie!" + More Eye Opening Realizations That Will Empower You To Find Food Freedom (feat. Sam Previte, RD)


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Sam Previte is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor/Registered Dietitian and the owner of renowned anti-diet organization, Find Food Freedom. Sam provides a whole new perspective on how to look at our relationships with food by helping us see past the societal conditioning that’s kept us stuck in diet culture for so long. In this episode, Sam will explain why having a “lack of willpower” is BS and actually not your fault! How you can quiet the judgmental voice inside your head for a more curious one, and she’ll also reveal the secret that will help you stop compulsive/binge-eating. Follow Sam Previte on Instagram & check out her LIVE 3-day training series kicking off June 21st covering how to make peace with food, the truth behind weight and health, and how to build a better body image.

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