Alex Elle: Trusting Yourself Through Change


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In this episode, I talk with Alex Elle. A deeply compassionate, incredibly heartful, and wise beyond her years woman, here on this earth to help people know they’re not alone in their human experience.
Alex is an author and writing to heal facilitator who has been soothing souls with her words for more than 5-years now. Her books and journals most recently include, After the Rain and the guided journal, In Courage.
Some topics we touch on…

  • Accepting the continual layers of evolvement.
  • Getting unstuck.
  • Being the Matriarchal healer.
  • Calling in/manifesting love.
  • Loving yourself first before romantic partnership.
  • Why women need to learn self-autonomy.
  • How we know we’re healing.
  • Why your healing doesn’t end with you.
  • Moving through healing with tenderness.
  • Navigating healing as a highly sensitive person.
  • Being in alignment vs. not.
  • Falling and getting back up.
  • Reparenting ourselves.
  • Managing anxiety.

As you’ll hear in this episode, I absolutely LOVED chatting with Alex. I hope you were able to take away as much from it as I was.
As always, lots and lots of love to you!
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