Audio Coffee: Heart Resonance Flow


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In this Audio Coffee episode, I’m riffing on living life through the filter of our heart’s resonance and the flow that results in doing so.

I think a lot of us have found ourselves living in our minds this and last year. With so much going on it’s hard not to set up camp in the old noggin. However, it also causes us to lose connection with our hearts. Which, vicious cycle, leads us to try and solve that feeling of disconnection with our minds because we feel so desperate to reconnect.

Now is the time for living from the heart. The only direction you will go living from the mind, is in circles.

Trust me, I’ve got the donut marks in the dirt to prove it. ;)

Items I riff on today…

  • Why many of us are feeling disconnected.
  • Heart resonance as a base point.
  • Why we tend to play small.
  • Why initially stepping into our bigness doesn’t feel good.
  • My experience with under-the-radar bullying.
  • Feeling like a child in your adult life.
  • Imposter syndrome.
  • Living in survival mode vs. heart resonance.
  • EMDR therapy.
  • An awesome card pull.
  • And much more!

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