Audio Coffee: Internal Reorganization


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In this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, we riff on slowness, ease, and internal reorganization.

First and foremost I dive into the basics. Especially right now we need to remind ourselves to slow down. We need to consciously catch ourselves when we're sending ourselves into a mental/emotional tailspin and, with compassion and understanding, tell ourselves a new story.

Along that same thread, I also dive into EASE and how we can invite more ease into our lives when things feel everything but easy. This is a chance to strengthen the muscle of your mind and catch yourself in the kinds of stories that are causing undue suffering in your daily life.

And finally, we get into the internal reorganization that is going on both globally and personally on an internal level. Which, of course, is one and the same. I ask you some questions that will help start to open up and shift your energy as well as offer up some perspectives and ways you can support yourself today.

Ok you lovely. That’s all for today!

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