Audio Coffee: Releasing Old Energy


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It is a totally normal thing to one day feel amazing and expansive, and the next day feel like you’re being confronted by everything you thought you moved on from. This is the process of integration and expansion.

Or more so, dancing between 3D and 5D energy.

If you feel like you’re walking the halls of your old life, but no longer connect to any of it, this episode is for you. I talk about this very normal process and why it happens. I share my experience with it as well as offer a few journal prompts that might help you in releasing some old energy.

A few things I riff on in this episode…

  • Why it’s normal to dip down into a lower frequency after expansion
  • 3D vs 5D energy
  • Perfectionism projected in the spiritual community
  • What it feels like to be in 5D energy
  • Why the word “NEW” feels so good to me right now
  • 2 questions you can ask yourself to help shift the energy
  • An intense but very on point card pull

And at the very least, I hope you have a good laugh and perhaps feel less alone on your path.
Show Notes:

Lots of love as always.

Your Host,

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