Audio Coffee: Support During COVID19


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In this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, we riff on the energy of COVID19 and how you can support yourself.

These are some wild times. I’m also not surprised at what is coming up for the earth right now. Just as it is with us humans, we experience contraction before expansion. The period of contraction is often tense, uncomfortable, worrisome, and forces us to face the shit no longer serving us. I believe that this is what is happening to the world on a global scale. Yes it is painful to face our deepest fears and look at our darkest corners, but it is so beautiful when eventually the weight is lifted, the air is fresh, and a new beginning rises across the horizon.

In this episode, I talk about viral energy and how it feels like anxiety in the body, how viral energy is fear energy, how we can be pragmatic but at the same time not give into or contribute the fear narrative, how we can support ourselves where we are, and the gift of opportunity that sits in front of us now.

I hope this episode makes you feel lighter, loved, and held.

That would make me a very happy human.

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