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For the next month, things are going to be a bit different over here at the RRP.

*enter dramatic music*

In order to open up some creative space and forward some new ideas for the RRP Crew, I'm launching the "Top Episode Series".

Regular programming will commence, so you'll still get your Audio Coffee episodes on Mondays, and your Guest Episodes on Wednesdays, however for the next 30-days they'll be the best of the best. The top 4 episodes of all time in each category.

Very much looking forward to coming back with some fresh energy, ideas, and offers for all of you incredible humans!

Lots and lots of love as always

Your Host - Katie B


On this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, the topic up for discussion is hot off the heels of your host taking some space to be a human.

One thing I realized while giving myself that space was, number one, the importance of allowing ourselves the space we need to face and process life as it comes. There simply isn’t enough time or respect given to us on a societal level to be human. And this I believe is perhaps one of the biggest ways we harm ourselves as a collective.

And second, the importance of shifting how we view being “professional” and how those who have a platform to speak on need to bridge the gap between themselves and the people they speak to. Far too often we see people in positions of influence who choose to project the narrative that they never “break”. That they never experience the falling apart that is so much a natural part of the process of being human. Of learning. Of expansion and integration.

It’s so important we show each other our humanness. We need to make being human and experiencing normal human emotions totally acceptable and not something we feel we should be hiding in order to protect ourselves.

Phew! That’s that.

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