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For the next month, things are going to be a bit different over here at the RRP.
*enter dramatic music*
In order to open up some creative space and forward some new ideas for the RRP Crew, I'm launching the "Top Episode Series".
Regular programming will commence, so you'll still get your Audio Coffee episodes on Mondays, and your Guest Episodes on Wednesdays, however for the next 30-days they'll be the best of the best. The top 4 episodes of all time in each category.
Very much looking forward to coming back with some fresh energy, ideas, and offers for all of you incredible humans!
Lots and lots of love as always,
Your Host - Katie B
*Orginal Episode Description*
In this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, we riff on getting unstuck. It is certain that throughout our lives there will be times where the energy is flowing and times where it feels as if it has come to a grinding halt. This is a totally natural process brought on by the inevitable wheel of change. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

In this episode, I share the two questions/lists I made to help myself get out of my own moment (a rather long one) of being stuck. Now, these aren’t the end all be all, but very simply a way to get the energy flowing in the right direction. I’ve put the questions below as well in case you’re a more visual person and need to see them written down.

Two questions to ask/lists to create to help yourself get unstuck…

  1. Where is the energy glitching? Where am I running into brick walls?
  2. Where is my energy naturally wanting to flow?

The three questions to pose to the items on the “where is my energy naturally wanting to flow” list…

  • How can I improve this?
  • How can I enjoy this more often?
  • And how can I expand this?

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