A Birth Control Guide: Hormonal & Non-hormonal Birth Options


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Today, I wanted to talk about hormonal and non-hormonal birth control because I have been getting tons of questions about them.

In this episode, we will breakdown all the things about hormonal and non-hormonal birth control.

In this episode of RealSOULutions:

02:14 – Some of the side effects of hormonal birth control

02:53 – The birth control pill doesn’t fix anything

03:35 – The birth control pill doesn’t regulate your cycle

04:19 – How effective is hor monal birth control?

04:53 – The PROs of birth control

05:47 – The CONs of birth control

07:33 – The other types of hormonal birth control and their side effects

10:24 – What are the efficacy rates of these birth controls?

12:22 – Some non-hormonal birth control options

19:42 – Permanent birth control

22:50 – Have an open-mind to decide what’s best for you

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