Post Birth Control Part 3: Hormonal Acne & Testing


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Still thinking about stopping birth control?

I am now about four months out from stopping the birth control pills or the hormonal birth control. Today I will share updates on where I’m at with everything.

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In this episode of Real SOULutions:

03:38 – Effects on my skin and having acne

07:30 – Hormonal acne and what you can do about it

08:18 – Are there certain foods that you upset your skin?

09:11 – Taking quality Probiotics every night

09:59 – Watch out for chemicals and all the products you’re using

12:03 – Taking Zinc and Omega 3 helps your skin

13:12 – Managing your stress

15:15 – Hormone or Dutch testing

20:55 – Taking protein

21:57 – Did I follow Dr. Jolene Brighten’s 30-day meal plan?

24:56 – My Dutch test results

31:39 – When are you supposed to feel different after being off birth control?

33:00 – Keep the faith, stay hopeful and be consistent

34:36 – You need to rebalance your body for at least six months

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