Tough Decisions & Being A D1 Runner


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Someone told me they’d love to hear about my student-athlete experience in college. So, today’s podcast is going to be about my decision of walking away from being a D-1 athlete and why did that have to happen.

In this episode of Real SOULutions:

01:47 – A little backtrack as a D-1 athlete.

04:04 – When things started to unravel and I found myself not happy at all.

06:55 – Be strong enough to walk away from something that no longer grows you, serves you, or makes you happy

08:52 – Having a Type A personality

09:56 – On walking away from everything

12:05 – Having eating disorder tendencies

13:10 – How do you know when it was right to walk away?

14:48 – The most peaceful experience I have ever felt

16:26 – Be strong enough to walk away

17:52 – Pushing through hard times

18:24 – Fighting the tendencies

19:57 – Working with a sports dietitian

21:10 – Am I giving up the platform that God gave me?

23:46 – Follow His voice

25:15 – Ask yourself: are you experiencing meaning, joy, and growth in your life?

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