Valentine Where???? I Would Rather Be Alone!


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Join Rob and Sená of the Real Talk All The Time family @7pm on February 11th; Tuesday night. Valentine Where???? We're going deep with this one and discussing the chilvary movement. With so women single that WANT to be in a relationship, why is it so hard to find that special connection? Are women encountering too many moist men? Are there too many mama's boys masquerading as men? Are there too many accommodating women that don't compel men to move like men? Are women raising their sons to be the type of men they are seeking? Should more men take up the responsibility of mentoring these young men that aren't relatives? Are men checking each other and themselves on their behavior? What can women do to support the rise of REAL MEN and the downfall of f%#$boys? Where do outside sources like social media, music, and film images fall on the influence spectrum? We can learn from one another. Join us next Tuesday for some Real Talk. 100% Real... Unpolished, Unrehearsed, & Unapologetic. Real Talk For Real People. Also in the RTATT tradition, we will be discussing Sports, Entertainment, Politics, the usual adlib shenanigans. Join us from 7 to 8:30 p.m. EST; Tuesday. The Call in is 646-668-2370 and don't forget to press 1 if you want to chime in. Tuesday Nights @7PM on Blog Talk Radio!!!!

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