S1E22 - Nick Newman, Trey Moore, and Jerald Trotter


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Episode Notes

On this episode of Real Talk Memphis; It’s an hour worth your time!

My guests include Nick Newman, Vice President of Engineering and Operations. He will discuss the great challenges faced by the recent show and ice storm storms, busted pipes and the boiled water advisory while trying to keep all of our heads above water. Trey Moore is an old soul in a very young man’s body. His focus and maturity at the age of 21 is something to behold. He joins me to chat about his new E-book which focuses on financial literacy and credit which may not be a bad thing. Finally, if I were to say, ‘Don’t lose your head, use your head mane’! who comes to mind? His name is Jerald Trotter who speaks truth to the experience of life behind bars in his powerful TV commercials. A great show, Monday, 6-7 pm on 91.7FM WXYR also on the Tunein app and anywhere you get your podcasts!

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